uran Punches Holes in Atheism Which is more rigorous: the Human or the Universe?



 Quran Punches Holes in Atheism


Which is more rigorous: the Human or the Universe?

Salama Abdelhady, Ph. D.


Atheists are satisfied ignorantly by the madness of Darwin who told the Natural Selection convert a primitive cell, of unknown source of life, into a perfect seeing, hearing and thinking human. Allah revealed in Quran the following question to those arrogant atheists:

079.027 What! Are ye the more rigorous to create or the heaven (or Universe)?

This miraculous question is stated to those mad ignorant who think the creation of a perfect human by a selecting dummy nature is evidence of Atheism. He told in this verse that creation of the universe that accommodates such human is more rigorous. Then He stated seven miraculous stages in evolution of such Heavens or Universe. We may find mad people who accepted that a dummy nature select and implement the design of a perfect human starting from a miraculously created and living-cell. Reading these verses, it will be impossible to find more mad people who think such Entity of finely tuned and infinite universe can be created without ONE Wise God. God gives evidence of how much it is more rigorous the creation of such a universe in the following verses. He stated seven Great Steps in Creation of the universe that accommodates our human life:


079-37 (God) hath constructed it:

079.028 Then He raised its width, and He hath given it order and equilibrium

079.029 Then He endowed its night with darkness, and He brings out a depleting victim (dohaha or its sun).

079.030 And the earth, moreover, hath He dahaha;

079.031 He draweth out there from its water and its pasture;

079.032 And the mountains hath He firmly fixed;-

079.033 To accommodate you and your cattle.


In the first verse, we find a clear statement that cannot be denied: (God) hath constructed it (the heavens or universe).“ Looking at such heavens or universe and how it is keeping its steadiness, we find the miracles of this verse. Our earth is a small sphere in such structure that rotates around its pole. One rotation takes one day. The Earth also orbits around the Sun. One complete orbit takes one year. If one drew a line from the center of the Earth through the center of the Sun, that line would "draw" a large plane in the heavens as the Earth orbits the Sun. This large plane is called the ecliptic plane (or orbital plane). If we extend the plane out into space it would intersect the constellations in our zodiac. These constellations have familiar names like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. Such constellations are also called sky-towers to designate its length. Lengths of such towers are not limited by some hundreds of meters like the earth towers. But their lengths, according to scientific estimations, are evaluated by billions of light-years. These constellations have fixed places in the heavens. From the perspective of the Earth, it looks like the Sun orbits the Earth every day, and it looks like the Sun "travels through" the sequence of such zodiacal constellations as the year progresses. The rotation of the Earth makes the Sun appears to rise and set; the orbit of the Earth around the Sun makes it look like if the Sun is "in" one zodiacal constellation after another. Such constellations are groups of stars that are relatively close to each other. These stars are close in the side-by-side view, and also close in their relative distance from our solar system. Astronomically they have been shown to be moving together due to the earths spinning and revolutions. There are countless constellations filling our sky. The more obvious and visible constellations have been mapped and named. In each constellation there is countless number of stars that form together a distinguished shape. At any time, therefore, there is a constellation behind the Sun as viewed from Earth. It is wise to believe that such firmly extended and distinguished constellations were created as one entity. Such entity is designed as one building which is intelligently structured. Our solar system looks a like a tiny ring which is firmly hanged in one of the nails of such entity or building. Is it possible to imagine the structure of such entity of firmly fixed towers of such infinite dimensions was created without ONE God? This fact is stated in this verse: (God) hath constructed it


Is it possible also to imagine the creation of a human is more rigorous than creation and fixing of such infinite universe since an infinite time?


Looking at the second verse: 079.028 Then He increased (raised) its width. This statement sustains the discovery of Edwin Hubble in 1929 when he was working at the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California He  measured the red-shifts of a number of distant galaxies. He also measured their relative distances by measuring the apparent brightness of a class of variable stars called Cepheids in each galaxy. When he plotted red-shift against relative distance, he found that the red-shift of distant galaxies increased as a linear function of their distance. The only explanation for this observation is that the universe was expanding. However, such expansion is implemented according to firm laws that give our universe such equilibrium and stable structure of the surrounding constellations. These discoveries are   stated in the following verse that describes the third step: He hath given it order and equilibrium

A scientific discovery found, in such perfect universe, is the existence of a real but invisible One Hand. This is the God’s hand that built and widens such universe according to restricted laws and quasi-equilibrium states. Details of the fine tuning of creation and running of such perfect universe can be seen in this site, as it is beyond the limits of the article:

However, dimensions of such constellations are also beyond the ability of imaginations of our human minds. Their dimensions are estimated by billions of light-years. Of course, the order of billions of light years is unimaginable space. This means that the age of these constellations is multiples of these dimensions and that light should flow, with its velocity of 300.0000 km/sec, these billions of years to cover its width. However, such dimensions are nothing when compared to the real dimensions of our universe. Looking at the human being and such heavens, we may compare our real size and age relative to such dimensions and ages. Then we should realize God’s wisdom in the start of such verses:  Which is more rigorous: the Human or the Universe?

Then, we came to the fourth and fifth step in the greatness of Creation of our Heavens; How God arranged darkness in its night and light in its day?

079.029 Then He endowed its night with darkness, and He brings out a depleting source of light and energy (the sun as a victim).

The Sun is assigned as a source of light and energy for our earth. Our sun is about 93 million miles from the earth. Light covers this distance approximately in 8 minutes. The nearest star to the Sun or our earth is Proxima Centauri. The distance from the earth to Proxima Centauri, stated in five sources as a fact, has been found consistent as 4.3 light-years. If any other star like the sun will be more near to the earth than such star, we will not enjoy the darkness in our nights and we will not be able to adapt our life to sleep in night and work in day. So, Who arranged such starless space of 4.3 light-years around our solar group? The answer is in this stated verse: Then He endowed its night with darkness. Can any one deny God’s Will and Wisdom in this Design? Of course not. The size of this nearest star is thousands the size of our sun. Can you imagine what may happen if such star comes closer to the earth. Can you imagine the light that come from the nearest star takes 4.3 million years to be seen by your eyes? This distance is kept constant for billions of years to allow the life to continue on the earth by darkness at night and light in day. This is an example of the Heaven’s rigorous structure in comparison to the humans.

Then God assigned the sun for our earth as a specific star to gives it the required light and energy in its day to survive while it is decaying. Such step is expressed in Quran as follows: and He brings out (for the earth) its source of energy and light (i.e. the sun).

Solar energy is created at the core of the Sun when hydrogen atoms are fused into helium by nuclear fusion. For each second of this nuclear process, 700 million tons of hydrogen are converted into 695 million tons of helium. The remaining 5 million tons are turned into electromagnetic energy that radiates from the Sun's surface out into space. The radiative surface of the Sun, or photosphere, has an average temperature of about 5800 Kelvins. The total quantity of energy emitted from the Sun's surface is approximately 63,000,000 Watts per square meter (W/m2 or Wm-2). The amount of radiation intercepted by the outer limits of the atmosphere can be calculated to be around 1370 W/m2. It is the mercy of God Who finely tuned the rate of fusion of hydrogen and the distance between sun and earth that controls the intercepted radiation by our earth at such CONSTANT value at certain spectrum (maximum at 04-07 microns) that is finely tuned with the required temperatures on the earth (in summer and winter, in day and night, in spring and autumn, etc.) and the velocity of earth spinning and revolutions, the wind speed, the suitable spectrum for our eyes, the suitable spectrum for photosynthesis, etc.

However, Quran expresses the name of the sun by the word “dohaha.” This word means that such source is decaying or burning as a victim while it is giving the earth the light and life. The sun can stay in this balanced state of steady and controlled burning for a total of about 10 billion years. Given the sun's age as about 4.6 billion years, one can assume we have still 5 billion years or so to go. Eventually most of the hydrogen in the center will get used up, and the sun will enter a dying phase. That is why the God described its decay as it gives us energy and light by the word “dohaha” which means “preying.”

This word “dahaha“ expresses shaping the earth as an ellipsoid and guiding it into an elliptic orbit around the sun and distinguishing its spinning around an inclines axis in elliptic revolutions. Such geometry of ellipsoid and ellipse that distinguishes the shape of the earth, the orbit of the earth and its spinning is summarized by this word “dahaha.” The name of an egg which have the shape of an ellipsoid is “dahaya,” If any one forces such egg to spin it will be revolving around an inclined axis in an elliptical orbit, it is said that: He “dahaha.” Similarly, if any one forms dough as an egg, it is said also that: He “dahaha.”  This is the miracle of Quran: One word may give many scientific meanings to who have “a mind.”  Similarly; it shows how much is the creation of such infinite and perfectly ordered universe is more rigorous than creation of the human.

The sixth step describes God’s Will and Wisdom that gifts the earth a sufficient store of water and nutrients that suffice the inhabitants of such earth as described in the following verse: 079.031 He draweth out there from its water and its pasture;

The storehouses for the vast majority of all water on Earth are in the form of saline water in the oceans which covers 70% of the earth’s surface. The salinity of the ocean’s water keeps it fresh all times. The required fresh water in the form of rains comes out of these stores of saline water by evaporation. Similarly, the required pasture for feeding the animals and humans comes also out of the earth when the rains water it. Such Wisdom in creation the self-sufficiency of earth to water and feed the infinite number of increasing living creatures on the earth is expressed in the fifth verse by the following miraculous words:

He brought forth from it its water and its pasturage.

To arrange such self-sufficiency of earth to water and feed the life on the earth, God designed and keeps cyclic running of each element on the earth. The reader may look at the water cycle, Oxygen cycle, Nitrogen cycle, Carbon cycle, Phosphorous cycle, Hydrogen Cycle, Magnesium cycle, etc. It is a miraculous designed-balance of the eco-system. Examples of such created balance are explained in this site.

Does any wise man imagine creating and keeping the running of such cycles are simpler than creation of a human being? For each element that is brought out from the earth to feed us there is a miraculous photo-electro-chemical process as the photosynthesis that adjusts such balance in the earth and atmosphere. The scientists find themselves unable to implement in their laboratories any of these processes or cycles.

The final step or the seventh step in Creation of our Great Universe is distinguishing our earth with peculiarities that makes it the only inhabitable planet in the universe. In this comparison it is seen how much the creation of a human is simple when compared to creation of such infinitely complicated universe:

079.032 And the mountains hath He firmly fixed;-

The wisdom behind this verse can be found in many references for comparison between the earth and other planets in our solar group and any other planetary system. Fixation of the mountains firmly in their places is a result of many parameters that the characterizes the creation of our finely tuned earth as its mass, its spinning, its environment, its construction, its core, its distance from the sun, the mass of its sun, the effect of the winds that passes it from the sun and other stars, the tilt of the axis of earth rotation, etc. As an analysis that studies what is the result if the mass of our earth is less than its created mass:

Low-mass planets are poor candidates for life for two reasons. First, their lesser gravity makes atmosphere retention difficult. Constituent molecules are more likely to reach escape velocity and be lost to space when buffeted by solar wind or stirred by collision. Planets without a thick atmosphere lack the matter necessary for primal biochemistry, have little insulation and poor heat transfer across their surfaces (for example, Mars, with its thin atmosphere, is colder than the Earth would be if it were at a similar distance from the sun), and provide less protection against meteoroids and high-frequency radiation. Further, where an atmosphere is less than 0.006 Earth atmospheres, water cannot exist in liquid form as the required atmospheric pressure, 4.56 mm Hg (608 Pa) (0.18 inch Hg), does not occur. The temperature range at which water is liquid is smaller at low pressures generally.

Secondly, smaller planets have smaller diameters and thus higher surface-to-volume ratios than their larger cousins. Such bodies tend to lose the energy left over from their formation quickly and end up geologically dead, lacking the volcanoes, earthquakes and tectonic activity which supply the surface with life-sustaining material and the atmosphere with temperature moderators like carbon dioxide. Plate tectonics appear particularly crucial, at least on Earth: not only does the process recycle important chemicals and minerals, it also fosters bio-diversity through continent creation and increased environmental complexity and helps create the convective cells necessary to generate Earth's magnetic field.[21]

"Low mass" is partly a relative label; the Earth is considered low mass when compared to the Solar System's gas giants, but it is the largest, by diameter and mass, and densest of all terrestrial bodies.f It is large enough to retain an atmosphere through gravity alone and large enough that its molten core remains a heat engine, driving the diverse geology of the surface (the decay of radioactive elements within a planet's core is the other significant component of planetary heating). Mars, by contrast, is nearly (or perhaps totally) geologically dead and has lost much of its atmosphere.[22] Thus, it would be fair to infer that the lower mass limit for habitability lies somewhere between that of Mars and Earth or Venus; 0.3 Earth masses has been offered as a rough dividing line for habitable planets.[23] However, a 2008 study by the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics suggests that the dividing line may be higher. Earth may in fact lie on the lower boundary of habitability, since if it were any smaller, plate tectonics would be impossible. Venus, which has 85 percent Earth's mass, shows no signs of tectonic activity. Conversely, "super-Earths", terrestrial planets with higher masses than Earth, would have higher levels of plate tectonics and thus be firmly placed in the habitable range.[24] Exceptional circumstances do offer exceptional cases: Jupiter's moon Io (which is smaller than any of the terrestrial planets) is volcanically dynamic because of the gravitational stresses induced by its orbit, and its neighbor Europa may have a liquid ocean underneath a frozen shell also due to power generated from orbiting a gas giant. Saturn's Titan, meanwhile, has an outside chance of harbouring life, as it has retained a thick atmosphere and bio-chemical reactions are possible in the liquid methane on its surface. These satellites are exceptions, but they prove that mass as a habitability criterion cannot be considered definitive.

In the final verse; Creator of the heaven assigns the objective of creation such finely tuned Great Heavens:

079.033 To accommodate you and your cattle.

Can any wise man deny the Role of the Creator Who arranges such Great Universe to accommodate us and our cattle according to Darwin’s ill imagination that was concerned by creation of a simpler creature: The Human.  He claimed the nature manufactured our body starting from a primitive living cell of unknown source as the best model between different alternatives? So; How those mad Atheists say about the evolution of such universe starting from an atom?