Quran Punches Hole in Atheism: The Dreams

Prof. Dr. Salama Abdelhady

Professor of Energy Systems, South Valley University, Aswan, Egypt

Souls that form our conscious and distinguish humans from non-humans, conscious and non-conscious, sleeping and awaking surely exist.

Souls may not be understood by materialistic brains that loose the ability of thinking in the supernatural. No one can identify its supernatural definition but all feel its existence. One of the strong evidences that we have souls and that punches holes in atheism is the dreams. Each of us has his own dreams. Our materialistic abilities cannot explain how we can see such dreams during our sleep. The only plausible and logical explanation is that found in the following verse of the Holy Quran:

039.042 He is God Who gets back the souls from the human being (naphs in Arabic or nephesh in Hebrew) at death; and those that die not He gets back their souls during their sleep: those on whom He has passed the decree of death, He confines their souls (from returning to life), but the rest He released them (sends back their souls to their living bodies) for a term appointed; Verily in this are Signs for those who have logic. 

According to this verse; we may understand the soul as a holy part in our bodies that belongs to God. This Quranic verse defines the death as the complete return of our souls to their Owner; God. During our sleep; our souls leave also our bodies but for a limited time determined by how much we sleep. So; the dream is a free journey of our souls far from our materialistic bodies in unknown worlds that are not bounded by any space or time. Such statement offers the logical and undeniable definition of the souls, the death and the dreams. No one can found any reason for the violation of the stated logical explanation and concepts: souls leave our bodies at death and during sleep. However; during sleep our bodies are still alive. So; we still have the material of life; that may be called “a spirit”.

So; the stated verse differentiates between three items in the human being (naphs):

1.     The soul as the source of moral, conscious, thinking, willing and emotional nature of a human being. It is eternal and it is confined in our bodies during our conscious life and should be back to the God who gifted it in our human bodies to perform specified functions. The soul is the realm of self-consciousness and is composed of mind, emotions, and will. During our sleep; the souls are free to wonder into its special supernatural world far from our living bodies. The same happens during the coma as a state of unconsciousness.

2.     The materialistic body of the human being. It is the seat of the five senses with which we make contact with the world around us. It is composed of 15 major chemical elements. Seventy-two percent of our bodies is oxygen. These necessary elements are found in the soil in various compounds. Upon death, man’s body decomposes into these basic elements and returns once more to the earth.

3.     The spirit as a supernatural life-material of the human being. The spirit of life is the gift of God to all the living creatures. It is the evidence of the existence of its Originator. Any human body is formed of about 100 milliard-cells. Such cells are no more than chemical compounds formed from the soil elements. Spirit gives such cells, forming the human body, the abilities to perform the life functions of breathing, digesting, excreting, etc. The spirit gives our organs the abilities to function according to specific rules as the regular pulses of heart, the discretion-doses in stomach, the absorption of poisons in kidneys, the digesting and absorption of food in intestine, the processes done by levers, eyes, ears, noses, tongue, etc. No one can give the life to such dead chemicals if it lost at any moment. It is a supernatural secret that cannot be understood by our materialistic, or natural, brains

No one can find a specific definition of the spirit or the soul. According to Quran; we are confined in a limited circle of science that cannot recognize such supernatural but real entities.  This fact is stated in the following verse of Quran:

017.085 They ask thee (O’ Mohamed) concerning the Soul. Say: "The Soul is of the command that belongs to my Lord: it is only a little of science that is communicated (from God) to you, (O men!)"

According to Quran; God breathed such soul in Adam:

015.029 When I have made Adam complete then I breathed into him of My Soul

Similarly; according to the following verse of Quran; God breaths such soul in all of Adams descendents during their formation in the wombs of their mothers:

032.08-09 He who has made everything which He has created Most Good: He began the creation of man with (nothing more than) clay, and made his progeny from a quintessence of the nature of a fluid despised: Where He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed into him the soul. And He gives you (the faculties of) hearing and sight and understanding (consciousness, recognition, feeling, sensing, etc. (as a result of gifting the soul): little thanks do ye give (to whom he gifted you all these)!

In the womb there is just living tissues before it gets the God’s gift, or the soul, during its transition from such animal’s tissues into human’s one or human embryo. Such transition is mentioned in the following verses from a chapter, or sura, of the Quran called “The Believers”.

[23:12-16] “We created the human being through an ancestry from an origin of mud.  Subsequently, we reproduced his race from a tiny humiliated drop (the sperm) that is placed into a well protected repository (the womb).  Then we developed the drop into a hanging (embryo), then developed the hanging (embryo) into a mudgha (fetus having the shape of a bitted dough), then converted the mudgha into bones, then covered the bones with flesh (muscles). We then We convert this (animal’s tissues) into a new creature (to form the embryo of a human being who is gifted in, a specific time of its growth  a soul from God). Most blessed is GOD, the best Creator. Then, later on, you dieth. Then, on the Day of Resurrection, you will be resurrected”.


 According to this verse we may conclude the material of life, or the spirit, is something different from the soul as there were living tissues in the womb. However; both these words, spirit and soul, have a unique expression in Arabic language: “Rouh”. But both, the spirit and the soul, are undeniable supernatural-gifts from God.  God is the originator of the life to all the found “LIVING” creatures.  One of His Holy Attributes is the Supplier of the life who gifts it to whoever He likes and stops it from whoever He likes. So; all the living creatures have such supernatural God’s gift which can be expressed by the word “spirits”. But He distinguishes the human race by such Breath from Him which we call “the souls”.

Many literatures are confused in using the words spirit and soul. Briefly;

Spirit = Supernatural material of life that turns the soil mud-elements into breathing, acting, feeding, moving, sensing, digesting, burning, excreting and  living creatures.  

Soul = Supernatural gift to the human race that stipulate human’s mind, will, consciousness, attitudes, emotions, etc. The soul enables us to think, learn, love, hate, decide, select, believe, reject, obey, refuse, etc. Through development of the brain, we attain a mind which enables to think and to act for ourselves instead of responding to stimuli only through instincts.  

No one can go deeper in defining such secrets of God. Our limited materialistic sciences can just realize the existence of such supernatural identities.  Dreams represent undeniable evidence of its existence. Quran offers the only logical explanation of how we see during our sleep such dreams. It is a logical evidence for the existence of God who gifted us such souls and life. All our sciences depend also on logical assumptions that offer logical explanation of seen phenomena; Bohr’s model of the atom, gravitational forces between masses as the earth and the moon, Maxwell’s imagination of the radiation as electromagnetic waves formed of orthogonal electric and magnetic waves, Schrödinger’s equation for defining the particles and energy as waves, etc. So; such Quranic definition of the Dreams explains A SCIENTIFIC FACT that punches real Holes in the funny and stupid atheism.