Miracles of God’s Creation

 In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Look within and around you. Contemplate, ponder and think.God said in Quran 45 Verse 3 “...the heavens and the earth are full of signs for the believers..”.God, expressing His infinite love through nature so beautifully woven spreading on the face of the entire universe above and below.The beauty of it all just amazes me but have we ever take time to ponder?

When your love for God is immensely strong, you see God in all that you do, in all that there is and in all that ever will be.  Travelling to work 1 hour daily can be a hectic and tiring schedule for some.For me, it is a journey of new discoveries in the horizon pondering the signs of God. Awesome mountain view with formation of clouds clinging at its tip and carpets of green grass spreading the entire fields and trees emerging its bountiful leaves seems like an ‘eyemo’ to my sight. Its enchanting beauty is beyond imagination.Trees with coloured redolent flowers spreading all over its branches and clinging on to each other thus creating illuminating beauty and the wind that brushes the trees creating a rhapsody of rhyme lingering in my ears, branches clutching each other at the sides of the road forming a cave like quintessential sanctuary....just magnificent! Such is the vast richness and abundance of God’s creation. Such is His state of the art expressing His passion of lullaby beauty blossoming and cascading the entire universe.Suddenly, a sparkle of epiphancy transcend and triggers my heart from a mystical standpoint of view that can only be esoteric.

With faith in God and bonds that we bind with each other despite genders and religion, we will be able to create a peace filled world and a transformational multitudes of freedom, joy, unity, harmony and peace build so strongly none could separate us.This should be our legacy.A legacy we must carry from generation to generation. Generations that are filled with faith and wisdom.And with that, we shall prosper and be divinely guided if we cling on to God’s faith and with His infinite love shining upon us, we can move mountains.

As we lift our God consciousness, we know there is nothing that we cannot understand nor overcome or change. You know you have the power, strength and energy to do whatever you need to do, and the courage to move forward in faith.

Life is meant to be lived lovingly, abundantly, fully, joyously, positively, and victoriously just like the trees.Lift your consciousness and let your horizons expand to opening new possibilities. Be better than before; see more clearly the vast prosperity and abundance that is ready for you now. As you lift your vision and to the higher conciousness of God within you, you see the beauty and upliftment of a joyous life, and there is new light shining upon your path.Your path of wondrous values.Such is God’s infinite love for us.

“Lift your God consciousnss within you and your life will be filled with wondrous values” - Salina

By Sallina Ismail