Optimum health from the Food of the Prophet

By Magdy Abdalshafy 

 Prophet Muhammd has presented to the world a number of evidences to the truthfulness of his prophethood which has never been given to any other prophet, there are scientific evidence, there are logical evidence and there are historical evidence.Another important evidence to the truthfulness of his prophet is his sunna in choosing certain foods and even linking them to the time of prayer In this short article we will present another evidence to the truthfulness of his prophethood. These foods, if you followed, you will protect yourself and even cure yourself of many health troubles and diseases.In His Book” Eight weeks to optimum health” Andrew Weil, a Jewish scientists, who embraced Islam after studying the style of the prophet in choosing certain foods to gain the optimin health, shed much light on the prophet’s style, the name of the book was drawn from a famous hadith narrated by lady Ai’sha, in which eight weeks would pass and nothing is cooked in the prophet’s house and the prophet would feed himself water and dry dates and the food system we will brief you on. Please follow this link:   

Prophet Muhammad followed the following nutrition style during his life.

After the dawn prayer

After the dawn prayer, the prophet used to have honey juice, about a spoon of honey dissolved in pure water, he urged his adherents to do so, the medical  benefits lying here is that water is different from all the other liquids, it has certain characteristics which you can’t find in any other liquids,  once you dissolve a certain substances in water, all the molecules in the water take the shape of the substance dissolved in it. so taking a cup of water in which one spoon of honey is dissolved is like taking the benefits of  a cup of honey. Now it is scientifically established that honey juice prepares the digestive system for food, for the breakfast meal. This improves the movement of the stomach and the intestines.Honey also contains many vitamins and minerals along with sugars which can easily be digested. Moreover honey contains Adonazen tri Phosphate which is the best food for the muscles. After discovering the wonderful characteristics of water, the World hospitals are using water as a remedy for many diseases by adding certain substances to it to give it certain energies.   It has been noticed that in many parts in the world in the republics of the Soviet Union and Romania, people used to and still are taking honey juice, there is a relation between their long ages which exceed the nineties and their food styles. They always look younger and healthier than their true ages.

The Breakfast of the Prophet

 Prophet Muhammd says:whoever starts his day by eating seven dates in the morning, he will be safe against poisons and magic.  The breakfast of the prophet was medically wonderful; the prophet used to take seven semi-dried dates soaked in milk. Scientific studies prove that dates have many medical benefits; among these is that it detoxifies the body from internal toxicants. People who work in mines and workers working in chemicals are always vulnerable to suffer from the rise of toxicants in their blood. There is a certain enzyme in the human body which rises when the there is an increase in toxicants in blood. In an experiment conducted on people suffering from high poisoning, it has been found that the rate of the enzyme connected with poisoning was reduced to the normal range if they are given seven dates for a month and if the diseased persons kept taking seven dates a day for an entire year, the rise in the liver enzymes will not happen again.   

Eating dry dates is a shield against magic

Dates, as stated by the prophet, shields the body against the effect of negative powers.   The British assembly for telepathy in collaboration with King Abdulaziz university and Cairo university did research on the hadith of seven semi-dried dates, there are 120 studies on this topic, it has been found that when dates is digested in tubes it emits blue spectrum, no other food does the same. It is believed that such radiation shield the human body against negative power. 

 The Lunch of the Prophet

After noon prayer, the prophet  used to take a spoon of olive oil mixed with two drop of apple vinegar with a piece of barley bread. these are very beneficial to health, both olive oil and apple vinegar reduces the amount of cholesterol and the probabilities of cancer., it is scientifically established that olive oil keeps the ends of the hereditary strands safe against old age diseases and the probabilities of catching cancer, Andrew well says he cured a late case of cancer bones with olive oil and the cancerous cells became normal again. There is a study on the world wide web says:The vitamin E present in olives/olive oil has been known to offer cellular protection against free radicals present in the body.  Olives/olive oil prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the body and thus, helps reduce the risk of having heart attack or stroke.  Since they help the body in neutralizing free radicals, the nutrients in olives/olive oil also lead to prevention of colon cancer. Olives/olive oil are said to be effective in reducing the frequency and/or intensity of hot flashes in women, who are going through menopause.

·     Regular consumption of olive oil has been associated with decrease in systolic (maximum) as well as diastolic (minimum) blood pressure.

·     Those who consume olives/olive oil are at a lesser risk of developing diabetes at later stages in life. Good quality olive/olive oil contains a natural chemical that acts like a painkiller. Anyway, Olive/olive oil has been known to be beneficial for people suffering from the following ailments:

 ·     Asthma ·  

   Osteoarthritis ·    

 Rheumatoid Arthritis ·    

 Arteriosclerosis ·    

Stomach Problems Apple ciderThere are many hadiths on the benefit of vinegar as nourishment, for the sake of brevity we quote this hadith:The best condiments is vinegar.Apple vinegar was known in the Arabia in the time of the Prophet.    

 Apple cider vinegar contains ninety different substances.
It also contains important minerals, trace elements and vitamins as well acetic acid, propionic acid, lactic acid, enzymes, amino acids as well as roughage in the form of potash and apple pectin.
There are so many uses for vinegar; the number is unknown however you may find “131 Uses for Vinegar.
 Vinegar is useful in reducing the substances in the human body that cause  fatigue, You can confirm this. Before you take vinegar, the pH test paper will show that your urine is acidic due to fatigue-creating substances in your body.
 If you look at your urine two hours after you take vinegar, you will find it clearer.
Vinegar is scientifically known to be a great medium to help detoxify and clean the liver. Moreover, vinegar performs the role of disinfectant for the intestines".Apple vinegar has a good effect on   arthritic pains, blood pressure, cholesterol control ,diabetes,  strong Bones, yeast infections, chest congestion, Sore throat, digestion and nasal congestions:
Vinegar is Useful in well functioning metabolism;  Vinegar dissolves phlegm.
Modern medicine also acknowledge its anti-cough, anti-inflammation and digestive properties.

After noon

 The prophet used to take a red carrot a long with dill and Parsley  , the red carrot is rich in vitamin A and E, vitamin E plays a good role in fighting oxidants which leads to aging and cancer. Also, it delays the appearance of hereditary diseases such as diabetes.The dill prevents the formation of stones in gall bladder and the parsley prevents the formation of stones in the urinary tracts.
The dinner of the Prophet 

 After performing the Aisha prayer, the prophet used to take yogurt if available preferring this to any other food with a piece of barley bread. 

The medical benefits of yogurt is proved to be very important, it helps to change residents in the colon into substances that are useful to the human health.