Prophet Muhammad: Infinite patience

Prophet Muhammad: Infinite patience

By Magdy Abd Alshafy

 Part one

The touchstone of a true prophet is always is his loyalty, devotion and his readiness to sacrifice his happiness

, and even his life, to achieve his call and impart God's word.

Contrary to the true prophet, a false prophet is one who claims prophethood for mundane benefits; his concern is always to seek fame, authority and power. His teachings are always obscure, though sometimes mixed with morals and sometimes tainted with misconception about the basics of a true religion.

A false prophet, even if he seems to promote a divine call, never succeeds, because it is not logically accepted that God would allow a person to do such things in His name.

There is no reference throughout history to a false prophet who successfully established a false religion, simply because he would profess in God's name though God did not appoint him as a prophet, so God would reveal his lies.

If a false prophet is faced with hardships, afflictions, attempts on his life and some failures, he would certainly waive his call. Historical archives are full of stories of those false prophets who would leave their calls when they would be afflicted with any problem. On the other hand, the true prophet would always remain steady, strong and ready to give his life to impart God's word. Prophets were always persecuted, tortured and even killed.

Among the prophets, the Prophet Muhammad (saw) stands as the one who was afflicted most, yet his soul was indefatigable,

the one who was persecuted most, yet he adhered to his call,

 the one who was tortured most yet his he never lost spirit,

the one who faced  more attempts on his life yet he remained, brave and never cared about the swords and daggers hidden everywhere awaiting him.

He alone faced a world of idolaters, never-ended grudge and rancour.

Prophet Muhammad's name is equal to patience, infinite patience.

He had no certain goal for himself, he abhorred wealth though he didn't ban it.

  He never despaired, he never slackened, but rather within only twenty three years, he changed a nation of polytheists into a civilized nation of monotheists, who carried his teachings to the world.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) was born an orphan, poor and never indulged himself in worldly desires during his boyhood, nor did he play with his comrades in their games. When he became a prophet, he was tortured, persecuted, and he faced murder six times. He spent all his wealth on the poor and his call, and he would spend three months living on water and dry dates. If he could not find any dates, he would fast and he would put a rope around his stomach to kill the pains of hunger. His bed was a carpet made of straw, and his pillow was filled with poor fibers that always left impressions on his skin. There was only two dirham in his house when he died, and even then he was worried about what to do with them, and kept asking his wife to give them in charity.