Agreement of science and the Prophet's Hadeeth on Turffle

It is narrated in the hadith Sahih Muslim that the Muslim prophet Muhammad said "Truffles are 'Manna' which Allah, sent to the people of Israel through [Moses], and its juice is a medicine for the eyes."


  Turffle looks much like yam but with different color and smell, it grows in the desert, rich in Proteins (13%), phosphor, potassium and Sodium.

It has been discovered recently that this fungus can cure trachoma.  

 To prove the positive effect of this fungus, the water sap was extracted then dried to be used.

When applying it on patient, it was diluted with water; the original density was taken into consideration.

The colour of the water has no smell and it is brown in colour.

A number of people with Trachoma were divided into two groups, the first was given the traditional medicine while the second was given the sap of Truffles in addition to the traditional medicines.  Both groups received the medicine for a complete month, the results were amazing; those who received tradition treatment have suffered conjunctivitis as a result while those who were treated with truffles didn't show any sign of conjunctivitis and even the conjunctiva regained its normal state.