The attempts on the life of the Prophet

مشاهدة الصورة بالحجم الكامل

Prophet Muhammad has given a lot of evidences that testify to the truthfulness of his prophet, these were mental evidence, scientific evidence, miracles, and prophecies.


Among the evidences that testified to his prophethood is his surviving from the frequent attempts on his life. These attempts were made by his enemies.

These frequent attempts on his life, add to this the never-stopped persecution and calumnies,  is evidence to the fact that he believed in himself and the call to which he invited people to embrace.

Attempts on his life:

Abu-Gahal, a nickname given to this man owing to his  pigheadedness towards the new call, decided to kill the prophet because  of his failure to dissuade the prophet,  So he promised Qurish, the major tribe in Mekka, to kill the prophet by throwing a stone on the prophet's honourable head while he was praying near Kabba.

Thrilled at what he promised, the idolaters assembled in large multitudes  to see this heinous act. Abu-Gahal moved to where the prophet was doing his prayer, slowly and reluctantly he moved and all of sudden he raced back to where the evil-minded people were awaiting.

On seeing him panicked, they asked what happened?

I saw a trench of fire shielding him and hands moving out of it wanting to draw me. Though this was a miracle that affirmed his prophethood to   this pigheaded man he refused to believe.

Later the prophet was asked by the believers about Abu-Gahal's reaction, he said it was Gabriel and if he moved his feet a few steps forward, he would have been taken.

An attempt made by twenty swordsmen

On the eve of emigration twenty swordsmen gathered at the prophet's door, it was a machination planned to eliminate the prophet shared by all the tribes there. every person was the agent or the representative of a certain tribe.

  The archangel Gabriel divulged their plot and imparted God's order to the prophet to emigrate to Madina, where he would find faithful people and to establish the new Islamic state.

  Despite they were alert, the prophet moved between the two queue of the standing thugs, he moved between them all invisible and even they all were taken a nap of sleep , prophet Muhammed even put handful of dust over their heads to prove to them that he passed between them all – it was a miracle convincing enough for them to believe.

On the way to Madina

Another attempt on the prophet's life was made on his way to Madina. The chief of Qurish declared a bout a big prize  for any one who could bring Muhammad back.

Suraka , a still unbeliever, set off in search for the prophet, he found him, when he tried to approach, the leg of the horse sank in the sand, he tried more and more but every time he tried to approach the prophet, the leg of the horse went down..

This incident would always remain embedded in the lad' memory, what is really was astonishing is that the prophet gave him a prophecy that he would embrace Islam and that he would someday wear the jewels and the crown of the Persian king. This prophecy was literally fulfilled.

 Umayera- Safwan attempt

Following the conquer of Badr, a war launched by the idolaters but they were crushingly defeated, two leaders( Umayer and Safwan)  sat with their hearts grieved, they were mentioning their friends who were lost at the war.

  Umayer, being overwhelmed with sadness of the loss of his friends, said:

     I swear that "If it weren't for my children who would be fatherless and heavy debts on my shoulders, I would go to Muhammad and kill him.

   Safwan, being rich, seized the chance and told him that he would pay his debts and join his children to his in case something bad happened to him.

Umayera set off to Madina and their he was arrested before he could reach the prophet. When the great prophet was informed about that, he asked his companion to let him.

"What brought you here, Umayra" the prophet asked

"I came to discuss the some points about a prisoner that you still keep" Umayera said

 "Tell me the truth." The prophet said

"I came for nothing but that." Umayera said

No, you didn't, you and Safwan were sitting together, mentioning whom you lost in Badr and you told him that it was only  your debts and your poor  children who prevent you from killing me and that he told you that he would join your children to his."

Seeing this, he said" I testify that you are truly a prophet of Allah, I was sitting with him a lone and none but me and him knew about this plot.

   It also happened that the prophet was sleeping under a tree, when he woke up he found one of his enemies standing at his head, he was holding his sword.

An attempt while the prophet was a sleep

The man, seeing the prophet defenseless, he began to banter brazenly saying:

"Who could save you, now?"

"God" The prophet said with calm confident tone.

The man, unwillingly, put the sword in its bag, it was unseen power that pushed him to do so.


The Jews attempt on the prophet's life

Also, it happened that the prophet was convening with leaders of the Jews.

Some of them said to each other:

"You will never found the man alone as he is now"

They decided that one of them should go up on the roof and let a heavy stone fall on the prophet's head. Before they fulfill their plot, God sent his archangel to the prophet to tell him about this plot, so the prophet left the place quickly.

The poisonous goat

   There is an agreement between the biography of Prophet Muhammad that the prophet was invited to a banquet given by a Jewish woman along with some of his colleagues, the woman was Jewish, she poisoned the goat before she put it before the prophet and his companions. When the prophet started to eat, he sent out the piece of the meat out of his mouth saying:

 "This goat tells me that it is poisoned."

His companions died but the prophet didn't.

An attempt made by twelve hypocrites

Also, in Tabouk invasion, twelve hypocrites (other narrations says fourteen persons), tried to kill the prophet but God  threw panic in their hearts.

An attempt on the honourable body of the prophet

Long after the departure of the prophet, Sultan Nour El-Dein ibn Tazdek travelled to Madina because of a dream he saw; in this dream the prophet visited the Sultan, he said to him:

"Keep these two strange people away from me"

This dream was repeated three times, the Sultan was worried. So he told his minister who advised him to give much interest on the subject.

Upon the advice of the minister, the Sultan travelled to Madina.

 He summoned all people to visit him; all people came except two persons who didn't come. The Sultan decided that these two persons should come. When they were brought to him he found that they carried the European features.

They, after heavy pressures, they owned up  that they were Christians who came to abduct  the honourable body of the prophet. They lived in place just in front of the prophet's tomb. They had dug a tunnel from their room to the tomb of the prophet but God foiled their attempt. They were executed.

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