The Oneness of God Within Me

   By Sallina Ismail 

The Oneness of God Within Me

I close my eyes

Seeking God’s sanctity

Finding solace and peace

In the silence of the night

In His love so divine so pure.....unconditional

My soul seeking His pleasure

Rejoicing His wonders that cannot be fathomed

Miracles that cannot be counted

Emerging hearts of wuthering heights

Beyond the horizons of His eternal sanctuary

Me and my breath yearning for Him

He is the fountain of my life

For His Light an oracle within my heart

Dwelling in me His kindness

Dwelling in me His pureness

Dwelling in me His oneness

And love so divinely guided

I will praise you O Lord with all my heart

For You have exalted above all things

In thy name and in thy words

May all kingdom of the heavens and the earths

Glorify thy name in praises

Even the darkness will not be dark

And the night will shine like the day

For darkness is as light to me

As I praise and glorify Thee

Search me O Lord and know my heart

Lead me in the way everlasting

May my prayer be set before You like incense

May the lifting of my hands be like the evening sacrifice

As I opened my eyes....I find peace and solace

Tears of joy overflowing

Feeling the Oneness of God within me

For His love enfolds me

And His Light surrounds me