The Question of Building the minarets


Switzerland, the country where Geneva agreements were held, the Red Cross organization is located and international non-alignment movement was established,

couldn't welcome just four-minaret mosques on its lands, the number of the Mosques in Switzerland totals 200 mosques from which the call prayer is banned.

It is most likely that the referendum that was held in Switzerland in November29th to ban building minarets, and which will entail a constitutional change, will give the same result if it is done in European countries though this referendum result is renounced by Vatican, the general amnesty, the government of Switzerland, the Parliament and most of the newspaper in the west. A German newspaper says that the result of this referendum will cast Switzerland back to an era long anterior the age of Enlightenment and tolerance that we toiled ourselves so much till we gained. A Belgian newspaper says the extremist left could fuel the bellicose feeling in Belgium if such a referendum is applied.

 In Holland, the extremist right wing seized the chance and called for a similar referendum and even called for banning the Holy Quran, and they predicted the same result of the referendum. The same call is favoured in Italy, Denmark and Austria. In Czechoslovakia, in July 2009, a call for banning building mosques was adopted by the Christian Democratic Party.

In fact, there is a relation between such a bellicose act and other similar acts; such unrest for just four minarets in the whole of Switzerland reminds us of the French law that was enacted to ban wearing Hijab.

 We can not separate between this event and similar events like banning wearing Hijab in the French schools, preventing Muslim women from wearing Hijab and preventing swimming Muslim champions from wearing Hijab and she retired as a result and disallowing the Muslims swimmers from wearing the full swimming clothes, they allowed only those who wear such clothes which uncover the woman body.

  Also come under the long series of offending whatever is Islamic;  

500 Muslim tombs were profaned in France in May,2009;

A child by the name was prevented from appearing on the TV Channel because of his name and the bellicose statements against Islam from the west leaders( US, Italy, Vatican and Denmark)


Equivocal treatment

It is not an overstatement if we say that there is always double standard, apartheid, hypocrisy and intolerance when dealing with what is Islamic, this is not my opinion, it is also the opinion of many cultural  organizations and the most famous newspaper.

The demand of building minarets over the mosques in Switzerland were declined though the demand of building temples for Hindus with very huge and tall towers were tolerated. The number of Muslim in Switzerland approaches (5%) of the total number of people there.

 It is noteworthy that building mosques in Europe is not an easy matter, there is not any mosques in the Greek capital, when the Olympic games board asked for building mosques for the Muslim athletes, the demand was declined, and they built for them a tent for praying instead which was removed after the end of  the competition.

The true motives

 The true motive is not, as most people think, provoking Muslims or Islamphobia as the leaders of this movement claim. The true motive as said by Gasbary, the head of Sylvyo-Berlskoni allegation is ," Switzerland cannot tolerate the Islamic emigration and the Muslim flow." The reason is also, as said by Terry Johnz who put signs carrying" antagonizing words such as" Islam stems  from the devil" before churches. He did that to express-as he says- his protest against the tremendous growth of the Muslims in the present time.

The suicide of the German priest renders the same motive, he committed suicide in a protest of the inactivity of the church as regard the fast growth of Islam in Germany.

 Le Figaro, a French newspaper, says that one third of the population in Brussels are Muslims, and Islam will be the overwhelming religion in Belgium within twenty years, another newspaper compresses the period to just fifteen years. A period that is necessary for the number of the Muslims in Russia to reach on the third of the total number in Russia( the total number now in Russia is 10%).

In America the number of the Muslims in USA has been doubled since Sep 11, says NBC broadcast site.(10000to20000)

The Daily Telegraph says that churches in Belgium have become Mosques.

In Denmark, the closed churches are now allowed to be anything else other than Mosques.

La Figaro, a French newspaper, says that one third of the inhabitants in Brokseil is Muslims and Islam will be the majority in just twenty years, another newspaper, according to demographic studies, says Muslims will be the majority in just fifteen years, the same period through which the number of Muslims will reach one quarter of the total inhabitants in Russia( the present number is one fifth of the total number)

The American NBC site says the number of Muslims was doubled and still is since September eleven.  number of churches changed in Mosques in Belgium.

The daily telegram states in this regard that the authority allows shut-door churches to be used in any other activity except changing into Mosques.

In 2006, in Germany, a priest burnt himself in protest of the spread of Islam.

 In England, 1600 churches (10% of the total number of the churches in England) have been offered for sale, some have become fast food restaurant, shamefully enough the Pizaa oven was once the place of the old altar.

In Holland, one of its most ancient churches has become night club in which Madona gave one of her performance.

In France and Czechoslovakia the number of the church attendees decreased (5% in France and 3% in Czechoslovakia)   

The basic reason behind these frequent harassments against Islam lies in the fact that the Muslim number is increasing while secularism is spreading in the west, a fact that means the number of christens is decreasing, add to this the successive waves of Muslims emigration and that the number of the Muslim births are increasing while the number of the Christian births are decreasing. There are many problems that provoke the Christian authority among which are sex crimes that the leaders of Christianity are accused of.

The question of "Minarets" and the" veil" and beards are sights those evil-minded persons don't want to see any Islamic symbols, their blind bigotry is an indication to their failure and hatred.  


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