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It is God Who Causes the Seed – Grain


Prof.Dr.Nazmi Khalil Abo-el-atta Mousa

Ph.D. Botany , Ain Shams Univeristy , Egypt

          In the following lines we will live with the 95th verse from

Al-Anam Surah. We will explain the verse using modern concepts in botany, to see the greatness of God. His miracles that enchanted scientists.  

God says:       (95) IIt is GodWho causeth the  

                          seed-grain and the date-stone

                          To split and sprout He causeth

                          The living to issue from the

                          Dead, and He is the One to cause the

                          Dead to issue from the living that

                          Is God: then how are ye deluded

                          Away from the truth? I


The following is the meaning of the underlined words:


to spilt: to break  apart from the plant; or to create it.  This means that God the Creator is the One who causes the grain and seed to crack inside earth and consequently all types of plants, fruits and grains with all colors and shapes will grow.


dead to issue from the living: to bring out the living plant from the grain and seed/stone; to bring the tender soft plant out of the dry seed or grain.

that is God: the doer of all this is God the one and only creator.   


delude away: means how will you worship anything other than God.


        This verse shows God's unparalleled creative ability. It consists of a number of scientific facts and spiritual glimpses found in the Holy Quran that is not preceded by any other scientific book. 

        First of all,  the verse differentiated between the grain and seed/stone. Scientifically, the seed or the grain is considered a complete fruit like all kinds of grains, corn, wheat, barley. While the stone/seed is a part of the fruit like the date seed, nabk, peach, grapes and kidney beans.

        This differentiation from the seed and grain is known in the Holy Quran before the modern differentiation between the seed and the grain.

         Secondly, the verse drew a link between the process of the splitting of the grain and seed and the process of bringing out the dead from the living and the living from the dead.   Carbohydrates, fats, proteins minerals, salts and water are stored in the seed and grain in a form of dead nutritious substances. When  these substances move through the Plasma membrane of the grain and cells. The seed and grain changes to become a living cytoplasm and the cell of the rootlet and dycoteledon become alive. Who does all this but God? 


The Miracle of the Splitting of the Seed  and Grain

        It is scientifically known that there are tiny living substances in the calm static form. All  the biological activities from breathing and nourishment is in its lowest activity to keep the grain alive for the longest time possible under the outer and inner environmental conditions.

        The  embryo is composed of the same parts of the whole full grown plant: a rootlet, a leaflet and stem. To let the embryo grow, it must be alive because  dead embryo does not grow even if all researches and labs  tried to give life to it.

         Who gave this embryo life? Is it nature according to the Darwinian theory? Or, Is it the blind accident and faulty mutation? It is God the Everlasting and the Eternal who is capable of bringing the living from the dead.

         Now we will concentrate on the changes that will happen to make the seed and grain split to bring out the living from the dead.

        After the fulfillment of all necessary conditions for planting, many changes will happen in the seed and grain: physical, chemical and biological, these will be summarized in the following:


First: Physical Changes

        These happen in the seed and grain when it is watered either if the grain and seed is dead of or alive. For the seed or grain will absorb water and then it will swell and tear because of the pressure that happens within it.


Second: Chemical Changes

        These happen only in living seeds and grains, when the enzymic substances become active and the nutritious substances change to larger complicated and complex cells. It   changes to simple compounds and lesser size to make it easier for the embryo to absorb water and to penetrate  through the case. Here the chemical bonds will untie and the seeds will grow in size.


Third: Biological Changes


             This happens when the cells of embryo become active and divide, their happens an increase in number, weight and size by utilizing the stored nutritious substances and water. These dead substances become living substances inside the cells of the seed and grain. And here happens the bringing of the living from the dead. The leaflet (Radical) appears outside the seed or the grain and appears on the Soil and water. The leaflet (Plumule) also appears outside to the top of the seed and grain and gives the stem that carries leafs, blooms (Flowers) fruits, thorns, brambles (Tendrils) and remaining plant parts.

        When we look at the stone/seed we find that it changes with the power of God into a soft, sweet assimilating substance.  God splits the hard stony cases, the soft rootlet curves to protect the growing top from rubbing with sand and destroy. The rootlet penetrates through the hardest of sands and mud and accordingly thousands of cells die from this friction.


God says: 

Iand  causeth the dead to issue from the livingI


Meanwhile the stored nutritious substances in the seed and the grain comes to life and it utilizes the carbon dioxide and sun light that are necessary for its life and the life of all living creatures on earth.

        What would happen if God took the living features from the seed and the grain? Who can split it and from it grows the rootlet  and the leaflet?

        What if God took the feature of becoming green (chlorophyll cells) from the plant who will make it continue living and growing to give fruit and grain?

        Who brings out the green leafs from the dry and pale stems? Who brings out the sweet and delicious fruits and vegetables  from the dry land and salty water?

          Who put in the small grain and seed all the features of a full grown plant?

            Who calculated the amount of nutrition and stores it in its tissue until it is time to be utilized?

        Was  prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) a scientist in the field of botany, physics, chemistry and biology to link between the splitting of the seed and grain and the bringing of the dead  from the living and the living from the dead?

         This miracle came in response to the unbelievers and in the arguments in the wonders of God's creation. Have you ever seen a miracle, arrangement and wisdom in creation like this?                                                     


Prof.Dr.Nazmi Khalil Abo-el-atta Mousa

Ph.D. Botany , Ain Shams Univeristy , Egypt

Translated by:  Badeeah Khalid Hassanain




"The Miracles of Verses from the Quran and the World of  Plants"