Abu Baker (1)

Abu-Baker ( The verifier )

By Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Holy Quran scientific miracles Researcher & The Editor-in chief of

"What is Islam magazine "

This great Moslem's share in spreading Islam is great , all his deeds , sayings , tears prove that he was a man completely imbued by the true faith in Allah .

He was among those who devoted their life to Islam , he is a true example to be followed . In this chapter , we will select some of his touching situations .

Abu-Baker was completely overwhelmed by love and devotion to the religion of Islam . This is crystal clear in his being ready to give his life to save the prophet ( the symbol of the religion ). His love to the prophet is limitless , he loved Mohummed the prophet . It is not mere friendship as we define by our terms , it is  something that beggars description .

Once the prophet, Abu-Baker and the companions were in the Mosque . At the time when Islam hadn't yet been fully-fledged . Prophet Mohummed stood preaching and calling people to Islam ,and so did Abu-Baker . This ruffled the feathers of the idolaters . So they began to attacked them severely . Abu-Baker was severely injured .He was carried home senseless . People thought he was dead , he remained as so till the end of the day . When he came back to sense, he, with eyes filled with tears and voice blurred with pains had nothing to say but " How is the prophet ? " Being disinterested in hissuffering and wounds , his relatives were a little displeased with him . When he was informed that the prophet is fine , Nothing to quench the man's love and alleviate his pains butseeingthe prophet ; It is not

(bu-Naker Abu-Baker ) whom he should care about , what lends credence to what I say is that what he himself  said to the prophet " I am just a simple man ; if I die  , nothing wrong will be against the message of Allah . If you die , prophet of Allah  ,the call to Allah will die "  . He refused to have any food or drink till he could see the prophet. At sunset  , so weak and with wavering legs , he leant on some people till he reached Aby-Alarkam's house where the prophet and companions were  . On seeing him , the prophet  warmheartedly embraced him kissing and batting  , and so did the companions .

Though the idolaters repeatedly harassed the prophet with similar situations, we will choose another situation  that Aly Ibn Aby-Taleb narrated to the companions.

  He said  " once I saw the prophet doing the prayer . On seeing this ,  the idolaters came and strangled him with a piece of cloth and none of us dared to help him  and it happened that Abu-Baker was passing . On seeing this , he rushed beating this and beating that saying " Will ye slay a man because he says, My Lord is God?"  till he freed the prophet , On finishing this story , Aly sobbed saying " who  is better in your view ?" The only believer of pharaohs who concealed his belief or  Abu- Baker , who announced his belief  .

This situation by Abu Baker is reminiscent of a similar situation of one of the pharaohs ,who believed in Allah but concealed his belief for fear of the sway of the king . When the king decided to kill Moses ; this believer , as immortalized in the Holy Quran , tried to defend Moses on the plea that he wouldn't harm anyone if hecontinued to preach people . This believer has been given the epithet the "verifier ". Abu-Baker , if compared with this believer , wins many points ; first Abu-Baker didn't conceal his belief , second Abu-Baker defended the prophet by the same logic , third Abu-Baker defended the prophet by his hands .

Freeing the slaves :

One of the most important merits that the Islamic history unfolds about Abu –Baker is that he was lavished much of his interest on freeing the slaves . He liberated one of the most important personalities in the Islamic community – It is Bilal , that no one in the Islamic world doesn't know . He was the slave of Omayya bin Khalaf. Omayya was a heartless man. He would strip Bilal of all clothes, make him lie on the burning sand of the desert  at mid-day and then lash him mercilessly. Despite this torture Bilal would go on saying, "Allah is one! Allah is one!" – A litany that he used to utter when being tortured , Nothing would dissuade him from his will , He became a Moslem , no one could know the merits of Islam as a slave like  Bilal did  , To him life could be sacrificed for the sake of Islam . Body can be tortured , blood can be shed and even life can be lost , why not after finding his lost entity , as did  many of the other slaves , the story of his life would have  gone  without being mourned , only Islam that gave the last chapter of his life a meaning . One day Abu Bakr happened to pass by him when he was thrown on the sand partially naked . He was greatly moved by the sight of Bilal being thrown on the hot sand of the desert and handcuffed with heavy chains , yet his soul was free , no matter the lashes that were slicing his flesh , what a litany he used to say! - conscious or unconscious he used to say it . The future has treasured a great reward for this slave , one might ask himself what gains looming in the horizons for those slaves , they knew that nothing was awaiting but torture and perhaps death. Being touched by the sight , Abu-Baker said   "Why are you so cruel to this helpless man?" "If you feel for him, why don't you buy him?" Answered Omayya. So Abu Bakr at once bought Bilal at a heavy price and set him free. The cruel man said " If you pay less than what you paid , I would give him to you " Such a derogatory  sentence was backfired as Abu-Baker  answered saying " And if you asked more than I gave to you , I wouldn't hesitate to pay ."Bilal afterwards became the well-known "Mu'azzin" [ one who gives the call for prayer ] at the Prophet's Mosque.

Abu-Baker gave much to Islam , prophet Mohummed said " None of you but was rewarded for the help he rendered for the call save Abu-Baker , none of you availed the call as did Abu- Baker by his money , Only God could reward him . '

Another situation that reflects many meanings is that which Omer Ibn-ALkhatab recalls . He said " once the prophet asked us to give alms . I harboured in myself that I should excel Abu-Baker this time (as none could excel him in goodness ) . I went back home and brought half of my money and put it before the prophet . He asked  how much did you leave for your family ? " The half " I answered , then came Abu-Baker putting all he has before the prophet , the prophet asked him " what did you leave for your family "Nothing save Allah and his messenger – Allah and his prophet suffice ." He answered . Omer then said " Never will I excel you !!" Words are helpless to reflect how much this man was pious .

Another story like this is that which Abo-Hurrira related , he said " the prophet asked us " who is fasting today ?" None but Abu-baker answered saying "I am " . The prophet asked " who among you shared in a funeral process today ?" Abu-baker answered saying "I did " . The prophet asked " who among you fed a penniless today ? Abu-baker answered saying "I did " . The prophet asked "who among you visited a patient (to condole him) today ? Abu-baker answered saying "I did " ; then the prophet commented saying " such characteristics ,when joined together in someone , will lead him to the paradise."

One of the companion commented on Abu-Baker saying " Never did Abu-Baker excel the other companions by the number of the additional voluntary prayers ; never did he excel the others bythe number of fasts he do – He excelled them because of something he enshrined in his heart . Itwas the love that he directed to what Allah loves and the love of forwarding the advice to the others.

The Holy Prophet recalling the conversion of Abu-Bakr said, "Whenever I offered Islam to any one, he always showed some reluctance and hesitation and tried to enter into an argument. Abu-Bakr was the only person who accepted Islam without any reluctance or hesitation, and without any argument."

In the emigration , a great event in the history of Islam ,Abu-Baker's love towards Islam represented in the prophet Mohummed peaked . The idolaters have planned on the life of the prophet and in a visitation made by Gabriel , prophet Mohummed received the divine order to emigrate to establish the new Islamic state in Madina.Prophet Mohummed and Abu-Baker decided to emigrate together . On their way to Madina Abu-Baker used to walk little before and a little behind the prophet just , as he said , to protect the prophet from any unexpected danger . When they were about to enter a cave , Abu-Baker insisted on getting in first lest there should be unexpected danger that would attack the prophet , he was ready to sacrifice his life and a thorn wouldn't cause a harm to the prophet . Inside the cave , he found three holes , he blocked one of them by a piece of his own garment and blocked the other two by his own two , while the prophet was a sleep , a hot drop of tear from Abu-Baker fell on the face of the prophet as he was bitten. The prophet , knowing that a harmful scorpion had bitten him ,spat on the wound . It was a miracle that the wound was cured .

( To be continued )