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Quran Punches Holes in Evolutionism

Quran Punches Holes in EvolutionismDear Humans, Stop Arrogance. Your life is stemmed by God’s Will from the plant’s life.By: Salama AbdelhadyProfessor of Energy SystemSouth Valley University The genetic system of the plants is higher than our genetic system. By such genetic system, the plants supply us by the food and energy. So, our life is DEPENDENT on the life of the plants but the Plants are INDEPENDENT on our life. Such chronological order of the origin of organisms violates the evolution’s hypothesis that assumes the life started by simple systems and ended by the complex ones. This scientific logic proves also the God’s Will in every process.  So, our idea that we have the highest rank of perfectness and independence in the universe is not correct. Actually, our life is completely dependent, directly or indirectly, on the creation of the plants. In other words, our life cannot start without existence of plants and we cannot live without the plant that prepares for us, from the earth and the sun, our needs of food and energy. This is simply because the plants have a triple genetic system in their cells that includes the chloroplast DNA but the human and animals have a simpler genetic system, or dual genetic system, that excludes such DNA. The chloroplast DNA, in the plants, is designed and created to support the plants to perform an essential process in the food and energy chains for all ecosystems in the world. Such gifted system, from the Creator, assigns the plants as Autotrophs or creatures that prepare its food and life requirements independently from natural resources, i.e. from soil, water, air and sun. While the humans and all animals are assigned as heterotrophs or creatures that cannot survive without the help of such plants for feeding and energizing. Scientifically, the creation of the plants should precede the creation of humans at least billions of years to prepare the Oxygen necessary for our life on the earth. The sources of oxygen are organisms themselves, not geological events. The source of oxygen is the plant that have photosynthetic organisms. This necessitates a particular chronological order of the origin of organisms: first oxygen-producing organisms, followed by oxygen-consuming organisms. This adds up to the double reason why animals and plants could not originate at the same time but the plants is created before the creation of animals: (1) animals could not survive without oxygen and food, (2) plants should construct a niche of oxygen and food for animals. Such niche construction is a powerful and general ecological argument against any claim of independent origin. According to the funny hypothesis of most atheists, they claim our existence was started naturally from simple cells and then it was developed by an independent mechanism of a claimed evolution. The evolutionist’s claim is existence of natural selection processes that directed the simple systems to more sophisticated systems to adapt the needs of the new organisms. However, according to the previous scientific and logical discussions, the life on earth should be started by plants, which have higher or more complicated genetic system, to prepare food, energy and oxygen resources for animals and humans of simpler genetic systems. Accordingly, the evolutionist’s claim of the independent evolution of simple systems to complicated ones is violated as it was actually processed in the opposite direction, from complicated to simple. So, the logical thinking is to believe the stated God’s Will in the following verses of the Quran which miraculously assure that the plants were firstly created to support the accommodation of the human’s life on the earth’s surface:078.006
Have We not made the earth as a niche (for life)
087.004 -005
 And Who bringeth out the earth green nourishment (for animals and humans). And then doth make it of sufficient content (for perfect supply of food and energy)
Have We not made the earth to perfectly accommodate your life (by plants, water, air, ..)
Have We not made the earth a sustainable accommodation for the living and dead (creatures).
See ye the seed that ye sow in the ground? Is it ye that cause it to grow, or are We the Cause?
See ye the source of energy embedded in your body? Is it ye that constructed its tree, Or We are the Cause?

A Sign for them is the earth that is dead: We do give it life, and produce grain there from, of which ye do eat. And We produce therein orchard with date-palms and vines, and We cause springs to gush forth therein: That they may enjoy the fruits of this (artistry): It was not their hands that made this: will they not then give thanks?
He is Who made for you from the green leaves a source of energy