Human, Earth, Water


The hidden blessings in the human body

Written by: Dr /Nazmy Khalil Abolataa

Translated By Sarah Mahmoud Mustafa

 Revised By Mr Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

The person who loses his immunity system will also lose  whole of  his  life because the body that works without it is  like a roaming ewe in a rainy night which is surrounded by hungry wolves.

The immunity system consists of millions of specialized defensive cells that protect the inner cells against  the cancerous and  microbial enemies.

For example, when we put a piece of hard and strong bone inside a human body, the body will feel that there is some thing dangerous , so it start to catalyze the investigating  and the defensive forces at once to check whether this bone is good or not ,try to know its chemical structure , and its danger for the body's health. Then, the investigating cells start to pass its information to the headquarters of defence which turn this report over tens of the specialized cells that analyze these vital information and raise the result to the defensive cells that start a chemical, biological and physical attack against this piece of bone and turns it into very small pieces. Then, the lymphatic and the phagocytic cells come to hand it over the lymphatic sweeper tombs (knots) which start to clean the place of the previous war. Then, the lymphatic cells raise a report to the center of creating vital defensive cells in the body to create anti bodies for this kind of invaders.

The same story starts with every cancerous cell from the body, or any viral, bacterial, fungal, or any strange body that penetrates the human body.

The lymphatic defensive cells carry more than thirty thousand vital ciphers. Every cipher is specialized in a special kind of cells in the human body. These programmed lymphatic cells check ever cell from billion cells in the human body from head to foot ten times at only one day.

And if they find a cell that is changed or some of its vitality changed, they will attack it in the same way of their attack upon the previous piece of bone, if the daily periodical check up on the body's cells has stopped, the cancerous cells and microbial diseases will be spread.

For the importance of these lymphatic cells, Allah  creates it inside the bone marrow in the body to be protected and be safe from the outer and the primitive effects.

As soon as the formation of these lymphatic cells and its being  fully developed .these cells turn to the thymus gland where they are trained to identify the original cells of the body. Also they are programmed with the characteristics of these cells.

These lymphatic cells work by the quality of self-making decisions to    achieve its vital missions rapidly , millions of the covering, neurons, glands, and muscular cells help them  in their  work, tens of systems like liver and spleen, and hundreds of systems like nose, lungs, heart, etc…, also the systems that supply energy for the body, release all the hiding of energy and the vital production cells.

To keep themselves active , these cells are in a constant  defence  and non-stopped work against the attack of the opportunist microbial armies that wait for the point of weakness to swoop on the human body in order to destroy it and get ride of them.

During the entrance of (AIDS) through the body by the illegal actions, or by transferring blood, or by using the instruments of the addicted and the perverted instruments which are stained  with the polluted blood, the virus goes to destroy the immunity headquarters, also ruins these programmed defeance cells, and eliminates millions of defeance cells in the human body. Then, the opportunist microbial armies and the cancerous cells swoop to the body. They fill the mouth, nose, the pharynx, the throat, the esophagus, the stomach, the lungs and the skin with microbial and cancerous cells, the human body will turn  to be a good nourishing environment for these destructive armies. Then, the tuberculosis, the diarrhea, the common cold , or the inflammations spread in the organs which accept that, This patient becomes an infectious  source for every one who receive his  blood, or sexually intercourse with him .

In that way, ALLAH restrains the infidel who are unthankful to his  blessings, and the deviants and the careless people by his rules and the laws He put in the  universe. Simply , the solution and the protection is: To do Allah's orders ,avoid what is forbidden, and preserve all blessings that he gives to u.