Quran punches holes in Atheism “Scientific Signs in the Universe”

Quran punches holes in Atheism

“Scientific Signs in the Universe”

Prof. Salama Abdelhady, Ph.D.


In one verse of Quran, God states SEVEN references in the universe that assure His Sovereignty over His Created Universe and guide the Wise people to Him:

YUSUFALI: Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth; in the alternation of the night and the day; in the sailing of the ships through the ocean for the profit of mankind; in the rain which Allah Sends down from the skies, and the life which He gives therewith to an earth that is dead; in the beasts of all kinds that He scatters through the earth; in the change of the winds, and the clouds which they Trail like their slaves between the sky and the earth;- (Here) indeed are Signs for a people that are wise.
PICKTHAL: Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of night and day, and the ships which run upon the sea with that which is of use to men, and the water which Allah sendeth down from the sky, thereby reviving the earth after its death, and dispersing all kinds of beasts therein, and (in) the ordinance of the winds, and the clouds obedient between heaven and earth: are signs (of Allah's Sovereignty) for people who have sense.
SHAKIR: Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day, and the ships that run in the sea with that which profits men, and the water that Allah sends down from the cloud, then gives life with it to the earth after its death and spreads in it all (kinds of) animals, and the changing of the winds and the clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth, there are signs for a people who understand.


Let us investigate the signs of Allah’s Sovereignty on the Universe in the mentioned REFERENCES according to our allowable gifted knowledge:

1.     Creation of heavens and earth:

2.     Alternation of night and day

3.     Floating (running and sailing) ships in seas (or oceans) for the profit of mankind:

4.     Water that Allah send it down to the earth, thereby reviving the earth after its death:

5.     Dispersing all beasts (animals, birds, fishes, insects, ..) that show His Unique Print

6.     Ordinance, of the directions and power, of the winds

7.     Clouds that are made obedient between the heaven and the earth.

Can any wise man deny the God’s wisdom in these signs?

The first sign: It is the creation of the heavens and earth. Looking firstly at the creation of the heavens, scientists found One invisible hand that started the creation of the heaven and is keeping Uniquely its controlled expansion in every moment:

However, their ignorance prevented them from the confession: This Invisible Hand is the God’s Hand.

Who look Wisely to this universe will find there is one building block of the heavens and earth, it is the ATOM. All atoms of all elements in the whole universe are similar. The whole universe is created by the same uniquely designed block as evidence, to the Wise people, of the uniqueness of its Creator. The secrets of this block are not yet discovered. Many branches of science are trying to grasp how the atom really looks like, but nothing is CERTAIN. Do you imagine that the electron, the main ingredient in the atom, is not known if it is a particle or a wave!

Who looks to the universe will find all stars and galaxies, a galaxy contains million of billions of stars, are subjected to the same laws and are integrated in one unit whose diameter is INFINITY. Such dimension is beyond our ability to imagine. So, What about its Creator?

 Looking at our planet, the earth, and comparing it to other planets in our solar system. God have gifted our earth certain features to keep the life of our race on it. For any planet in the universe to be able to accommodate such life, it should have the same stars around us, the same sun of the same size, age, density, mass, temperature, material, fields, rates, … . It should have also the same distance from such star and the same size, mass, atmosphere, construction, temperature, gases, pressures, humidity, orbits, inclinations, spinning, … The probability to find such parameters in another planet in this universe is impossible or negligible. Examining only a part of the balances and harmony on the earth is enough to comprehend the superior being of God and grasp the existence of a planned creation in every detail of the universe. It is no doubt impossible for a person or any other living being to build such an enormous balance and order. Nor are the components of this order such as atoms, elements, molecules, and gasses capable of establishing an order based on such intricate and extremely delicate calculations and measurements, and such fine tunings. This is because activities like planning, ordering, arranging, calculating, and proportioning can only be realized by beings that possess wisdom, knowledge and power. The Exalted Being Who orders, plans and balances the entire universe to be fit for life of human beings on a planet like earth and Who sustains it with dramatically delicate measures and balances is God, Who has Infinite Wisdom, Knowledge and Power. The fine tuning of the main parameters of the universe, i.e. the heavens and the earth, that confirm the evidence of God’s Creation and Wisdom is available in many sites, But this knowledge represents evidence only for, as stated in the verse, the WISE people. I hope all the readers are WISE.

The Second sign: It is Alternation of night and day: The alternation of night and day is a forced phenomenon on us and our planet earth. The earth rotates around its axis at a velocity of 1643 Km/h. There is no internal motor that we can listen to its noise, no outer wheels that turn it, but the earth turns now for some six billions of years. Its inside some 3600 Km away from us is a molten ball of metals with high temperature called the inner core which is in opposite rotation to the outer core, causing magnetism and electricity. Who controls this? And how did this structure and function come about? The crest is now cold providing life for millions of species, whether animals, plants or microscopic creatures. No other known planet in our galaxy or any other is like our planet that has such order and rotation that allows life on it. No signs of life, until now, are found anywhere else. But the earth turns around itself and night and day. It is provided by subjecting to the radiation from the sun in one half that faces while the other half, on the other side of the sun, is dark. The sun keeps watch on earth, not so close to burn us out nor too far to freeze us out. But just in between to give it a calculated dose of warmth and light to keep the life on it. Who can deny the power that has made all these function and without any defaults, retardation or postponement of functions nor sleeping on the job?

Night and day are there to provide time for activity and sleep. For neither activity nor sleep can be avoided. Any wise man should think how and why should the earth and the heavens gives us all these means to survive? Reflecting on the alternation of night and day makes one feel he is nothing but a screw in a big machine. It leads to our ageing. For our process of ageing is dictated by time and our cells advance, or retrograde, in age as time passes. Most of us, if not tired of living, like to be all the time younger and energetic. But, the succession of the day and night and the sleeping and awakening give the time a meaning and existence. Such time catches up with everybody, if death leaves us the chance. Night and day are signs for a powerful Creator pushing us to believe in Him in every moment of our life.

The Third sign: Floating (running and sailing) ships in seas (or oceans) for the profit of mankind: how the big sea vessels that sail on the sea smoothly? How is this possible that despite their sizes and the heavy material they are made of, they do not sink? A scientist called Archimedes found out that sea vessel could float because water exerts an upward force called buoyant force. His principle states that the buoyant force on solid placed in a liquid is equal to the weight of the displaced liquid. If the total weight of the object is less than the amount of water it has displaced, it will float. The nature of this force was discovered later as force of gravity which varies according to the depth of the ship in water. But what is the gravity? Such question has no answer up to now.  
This gravity is a God’s secret that is similar to the soul and spirit. It is the force that is responsible to keep us moving on earth in spite of its turning around the sun and spinning around itself. But no one knows its nature and its source. So, floating and running of such sailing ships or vessels represents a great sign
for a powerful Creator pushing us to believe in Him in every moment of our life.

The Fourth Sign: It is Water that Allah sends it down to the earth, thereby reviving the earth after its death. Water is the vital substance for all living things. Who make this water as a tool for reviving the earth and development or nourishment of any life? In many ways, water is found as a miracle liquid that possesses many properties cannot be known by any scientific means. As an example is the ability of fresh-water molecules to arrange themselves in various structures and configurations as if it is a living material that senses the environments. The readers can look at the crystal researches of the Japanese-Muslim scientist, Dr. Emoto who found how water crystals are influenced by the place, prayers, music, words and environment during its solidification. The quantum scientist, Dr. Martin Chaplin, found also how such liquid has special properties to interact with the solar radiation and environments. Water is also the only substance that expands when freezing to allow the life in sea’s water in cold areas of the world. When freezes, ice floats over the sea’s surface and allows sunrays to give warmth to the fishes and plants in water under such floating transparent layer. It is referred also to water as a universal solvent because most substances dissolve in it and that is why it represents 70% up to 90% of the weight of the living creatures. The difference between dead and dry desert and living and green forests is such miraculous liquid: Water.

Who gifted this liquid such senses, secrets and power to be the liquid of life? No one can find an answer for this question other than this answer that was revealed to Mohammed since more than fourteen centuries: He is Allah.

The storehouses for the vast majority of all water on Earth are in the form of saline water in the oceans. It is estimated that of the 332,600,000 cubic miles (mi3) (1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers (km3)) of the world's water supply, about 321,000,000 mi3 (1,338,000,000 km3) is stored in oceans. That is about 96.5 percent. It is also estimated that the oceans supply about 90 percent of the evaporated water that goes into the water cycle. The total amount of water on the earth and in its atmosphere does not change but the earth’s water is always in movement. Oceans, rivers, clouds and rain, all of which contain water, are in a frequent state of change and the motion of rain and flowing rivers transfers water in a never-ending cycle. This circulation and conservation of earth’s water as it circulates from the land to the sky and back again is called the ‘hydrological cycle’ or ‘water cycle.’ Rains that are sent to us are a part of such cycle. However, water in oceans and seas has slower motion and is kept fresh by salts. While fresh water in the rivers and the ground water are moving all the time. So, it is not in need for such salt to be kept as its motion freshen its contents. This cycle is surely arranged by the Wise Creator and Organizer of this Universe as it is a product of balanced-interactions in the whole universe, i.e. between sun, earth, oceans, winds and atmosphere. The sun sends specific dose of radiation that motivate fresh water to be evaporated from oceans that cover 75% of earth’s surface and contain slat-water solution. Every year, the turnover of water on Earth involves 577,000 km3 of water. This is water that evaporates from the ocean surface (502,800 km3) and from land (74,200 km3). The same amount of water falls as atmospheric precipitation, 458,000 km3 on the ocean and 119,000 km3 on land. The difference between precipitation and evaporation from the land surface (119,000 – 74,200 = 44,800 km3/year) represents the total run-off of the Earth’s rivers (42,700 km3/year) and direct groundwater run-off. Such calculated fresh water balance is the source of the life of all creatures and plants on this earth. Can any wise human ignore the Wisdom of the Creator and Organizer of such cycle? The answer is clearly declared in this verse.

The Fifth sign: Injecting (dispersing) all these kinds of living and moving organisms (animals, birds, fishes, insects, ..) in such earth. All these organisms bear His Unique Style of Creation to be a scientific sign of His Uniqueness. Any wise man looking at all living creatures on earth will find a Unique Basic block of life in all these creatures: it is called the living CELL which can live alone as in the simple cell or to be one of milliards of cells that construct a body of a human or a big animal. The constituents of such CELL are elements from earth. But Who formed from these elements such typical amino-acids and gifts such CELL the LIFE, such unknown secret, and give it this UNIQUE design? All living creatures are Created from repetitions of this CELL?  All the cells in the bodies of God’s creatures have the same construction, features, functions, processes, acids, mechanisms, maps, minds, memories, and so on. A group of CELLs that work together to perform a function are called tissues. Tissues that work together, to perform a function, are called an organ. Several organs, that work together to perform a function, are called a system. All together these make the whole organism. So, for example, in a human (organism), there are many systems that are typical in all creatures (digestive, circulatory, reproductive, respiratory, and so on). Within each system, there are several organs. So, the human digestive system is typical in all creatures and is made up of a stomach, small intestine, colon, pancreas, and so on. The colon is made of tissues, which are made of CELLS. All these cells, tissues, organs, systems which are typical in all organisms assure the Greatness and Uniqueness of their Creator. However, each CELL in every tissue or organ has also its secrets to perform a specific function into the assigned integration according to recorded specified orders that depends on the arrangements of atoms and molecules of this CELL. The initial block of secrets in the CELL is called “DNA”, Which is a long polymer (multi-molecular chain) made from repeating units called nucleotides. DNA makes up a more complicated unit call chromosomes. A section of DNA that codes for a particular trait is known as a gene. There are many genes found on each chromosome. The chromosome held the genetic information of the cell. Chromosomes are found I the nucleus of the cell.  However, in the cells there is inserted miraculous ingredient called ribosome whose function is arranging the strands of the amino acids for use of the other parts of the cell and ultimately the body. Rribosomes are used by the cell to help translate the DNA and build proteins that the cell can use in its living functions.  Who assigns such functions and secrets uniquely in all CELLs. Is there any Wise man who can deny The Greatness and Wisdom of Allah, the Creator and Organizer of Such Uniqueness?  


The Sixth Sign: The ordinance of the winds. Winds influence our life in every moment and have many functions on the earth. The Direction and speed of winds may be predicted according to The Wave Pattern in each location. Such patterns are calculated according to the speed of earth’s rotation, the inclination angle of the earth, the solar radiation, ..etc. However, in many locations, wind-patterns exist that are not easily explained by the general principles outlined above. Such ordinance of the winds is also a secret of the organizer of such universe. In a moment, normal winds are converted to storms that may damage the life of selected people. No one can expect such events or how to stop it even we get all the advanced scientific tools. In times of storms and tornadoes, our limit is to pray to God. The clouds are derived in specific directions and by specific velocity according to the ordinate wind-speeds and directions. Such control cannot be a matter of chance. Other wise, you should find unstable weather conditions that eliminate any life on the earth. But it is surely controlled or, according to the verse, ordinate. Can any Wise man deny the Coordinator of such Winds?  


The Seventh Sign: The clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth. Clouds represent a stage of the hydrologic cycle that starts by fresh water evaporation from saline oceans. Once water vapor is in the air, it circulates within the atmosphere. When an air package rises and cools, the water vapor condenses back to liquid water around particulates like dust, called condensation nuclei. Initially these condensation droplets are much smaller than raindrops and are not heavy enough to fall as precipitation. These tiny water droplets create clouds. As the droplets continue to circulate within the clouds, they collide and form larger droplets, which eventually become heavy enough to fall as rain, snow, or hail. A good sized cumulonimbus cloud, or thunderhead, might be ten kilometers tall, with a base ten kilometers in diameter. Noodling a bit, we come up with a volume of 785 billion cubic meters per cloud (you can see this is not looking good). This gives us a mass of roughly four billion kilograms per cloud, or the equivalent of not one but 10,000 the weight of an air fleet Boeing 747. Such clouds are carried by air and moved according to the Will of God to specific spots of the earth that are considered as sources or starts of fresh water. Selection of these spots as sources of rivers, on which such clouds drop their rain, cannot be a matter of chance along the life of the rivers. Such life started since millions of years. Can any wise man find a wise explanation why the Nile is started from Ethiopia, Amazon from Peru, the Mississippi from Montana, Niger from Guinea other than it is the Will of the Organizer and Creator of such Controlled Universe and Controlled Water Cycle?

Finally, all these signs are found in one verse of the Quran. This verse is composed of seven lines and states seven references that guide us to God’s Wisdom. So, why not to read the Whole Quran?