An outcry to whoever has a human conscience

An outcry to whoever has a human conscience

The Israeli attack has reflected all the dark colours of brutality, hundreds of women, children and civilians were killed and still more to come. This is an attack on the children, on the innocence and all forms of life.

This what they teach their children to do, look at what the Israeli children are writing on the missiles that will travel to kill hundreds of palatine children.

It is not a message of innocence

Where are those who chant" Islam is terrorism"?

Where are those who amass donations for Israel?

Where are those who defend the Jews, the assassinators of the prophets?

These are the Jews…these what they inspire their children to do?

Their hearts are the same as those who led Jesus to the Cross.

This is a short message to those who are still keeping their humanity.

Raise your voice a against the non-human .

Raise your voice so high—you are still human.

Help the helpless .

Remove the tears from the eyes of the widows who lost their husbands.

Remove the tears from the eyes of a mother who lost her children at one go.

Save the children ..they are screaming for help.

They did nothing .

Dead, that is true, but their call for help still echoes.     

                                   They even attacked mosques, burnt the Holy Quran 

                                   This is how the 4-year-child respond to the message

                                                   These two children responded the message

                      why did you kill me? I am too young , want to live like you

  why did you kill me?I was going to help father in the olive field

 i did nothing , we were sleeping - why did you kill me?              

                                                                 sorry, dady. i wish i could make you a happy father..but they killed me             

                                                          we are one family, they left none for father.

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