Yusuf Estes

  Yusuf Estes, a former priest and now a dynamic Sheik, was born in USA,

he is aged man, his father was a former priest and he embraced Islam too. Sheik Joseph, though old, always brings his father on the moving chair to attend the prayer at the mosque- a very impressive sigh for two former priests who embraced Islam.


 His search for the truth was stirred when an old lady said to him:

You Christians are the adherents of a true religion but you believe that Jesus was crucified and killed on the Cross but the truth is that he was neither crucified nor was he killed, God lift him to the heavens.

  These few words found its way inside himself especially when- after consulting many of the Christian scholars- he found divergent contradictory opinions, he broached this topic in one of the  meetings of the priests; debates and arguments arose among them and as a result he was dismissed from the meeting.

Due to his strenuous work, many people embraced Islam; every day always carries news of someone embracing Islam at his hands.

  One day, he came with his face radiating light saying:

"Today sixty persons embraced Islam."

He not only teach people how to pronounce" shehad,i.e  faith confession" but he always keeps them under his attention, teaches them the Islamic percepts, he painstakingly travels to where they are to teach them.

  Among the many beautiful things that stunned me is how he spends his time and toils himself to impart God's word though he is now aged.

This career earned him nothing though he is not that rich and even he spent what he has on imparting God's word to people.

He is really a man of high moralities, always close to people, always reminds them of Allah, he doesn't waste his time, his time is always dedicated either to calling people to Islam, or giving lectures.

He taught his children Islam by himself, he is keen on following the Sunna

  Though Arabic is not his mother language, he can read the Holy Quran in Arabic, he has a good  knowledge about religions, this give him the ability to debate with his opponents and  convince them of his opinion.

  He learnt by heart a large number of the  Prophet's hadeeths in English , he even refers to their number as recorded in the Hadith collections

 In order to communicate with the new Muslims, he  built a website( Islam for today), one of the most effective websites that communicate with non-Muslims across the world to guide them to the true path, his site, being so effective, was hacked several times.