A Real Believer Love Allah anyhow

The Real Believer is the one who love Allah and accept his fate and work hard to strengthen his believes in him and thank him for his mercy and love!!?

Lets have look at this verses from Holy Quraan And meditate :

Allah said: ( And who despairs of the mercy of his God but the erring ones ) {Al-Hijr56}

He said also: ( Who, when a misfortune befalls them, they say: Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return *  Those upon them prayers from Their God And mercy And those are the rightly guided ) {Al-Baqara156*157}

Dear Brothers & Sisters this is a real story for our Brother Khaldoon Sinjab who defeated desperation and became the best programmer in the middle east because he believed in Allah fate and mercy.


I want to tell you something very important that Khaldoon will go directly to Paradise without being judging by Allah because of his health situation (this is Allah Mercy)!!?.


A month before the accident. 17 years old.


In His own words will tell us his story:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Praise be to Allah, who created me and graced me with my life. He is the one who has the power to give life to decomposed bones. Praise be to Allah, who granted me senses of hearing, seeing and insight to enable me to muse over his kingdom. Praise be to Allah, who favored me with a mind with it he guided me to the right, and blessed me with a heart with it he established me on Islam. Praise be to Allah, who formed me a tongue to extol him with it, and to eulogize his noble prophet Muhammad with his blessing and peace be upon his prophet and upon his prophet's family and companions altogether.

The Accident

It was September 1st, 1994, when I was swimming in the sea of Tartoos (a coastal Syrian city) beach. I got on a boat which was getting near to the seashore without me paying attention. I jumped into the water but it was too shallow so my head collided with the seabed. Then I became unconscious for a moment. When I woke up there were some people carrying me holding my hands and legs looking for a car to go to a hospital hurriedly. I could not speak. In the car I became unconscious again and I started to suffocate and became cyanotic, then somebody blew in my mouth to enable me to breath until we arrive at the hospital. In the hospital, they decided that I must be taken to Damascus (capital of Syria).

In Damascus, the photographs showed a break in the dens (odontoid process) of the second cervical vertebra (C1/C2 level), which caused a chronic spinal cord injury. The injury was at top of the cervical column, so I become a quadriplegic. Because of diaphragm paralysis, I become a ventilator dependent. I stayed in intensive care units, connected to a ventilator, for about 7 months, moving between 4 hospitals. Finally, my father decided to import a home ventilator. So, I moved home.


Me at home

My Family

The impact of the accident on my family was too hard, especially on my mom whom had diseased by cancer soon. She died on 24 April 1997 (Allah have mercy on her). She made every effort to find a cure for me. Whenever she heard about a doctor, sheikh or pretender she bring him to me or take me to him. I did not even rescued from quacks and monks (Allah grant her forgiveness). She gave me (since my tender age) her best care especially in scientific fields. My mother Hanan Al-qahwaji studied the high school after we (Kholood, Maisoon and me) were born. Then she studied in the college of mathematics. Because she was excellent she was assigned as a lecturer in the college of mathematics of Damascus. ( Allah put her in your vast paradises ).

My father spared no effort for curing me. He spent what is valuable and precious. He traveled to Russiaand brought best Russian professors. They performed one of the best surgery in spinal cord transplantation. The surgery lasted more than 14 hours. My father is an architect, graduated from Sarajevo in Bosnia (Yugoslavia formerly). After the accident, my father got married to Nadia Al-hlaibi who gave birth to my brothers and sister Mohammad and Hoda (7 years twins) and Abd-Al-majeed (6 years) and As'ad (4 years). My father is still (in addition to Kholood) looking after me. Allah bless him and prolong his life.

The accident had a deep effect on my sisters, especially after the death of my mom (Allah have mercy on her), which was just before the high school exams of my sister Maisoon. In spite of that she succeeded and studied institute of commerce and graduated after two years. She married No'man As-samman. They were blessed with their son Qais and with their daughter Joori. My sister Kholood had graduated from pharmacology college in the university of Damascus. My sisters took care of me together with my mother and father. After the death of my mother, and after Maisoon got married, my father and Kholood are looking after me, also my stepmother Nadia helps them. Allah bless them all.

My Youth

Allah bestowed upon me by raising me well. He granted me my mother (Allah let her rest in peace) who made her best to bring me up. She oriented me toward reading, and surrounded me with valuable scientific books. After preparatory school, mom enrolled me in English, electronics and programming (using QBasic language) courses, which had a critical role in my life later. I got my high school diploma in 1994 summer with distinction. I was capable of registering in medicine college and scientific researches institute, but I registered in the electronics engineering college at Damascus university because of my passion for electronics and computers.

My Return

I spent more than 7 months in intensive care rooms surrounded by my family and my friends whom were the best support during my tribulation. I mention of them my aunt Hind Al-qahwaji and my friends Hasan Al-kordi, Samir Abu-qoba', Hazem, Manal, Fadi Sinjab and Nizar Moslih.

A few months after I returned home, my uncle Sameer Al-qahwaji rented a computer for me for a month. A period that was enough to bring me back to programming world. Then, I got some Arabic books about programming. So, I learned C language. Then, I started reading English books about C++ language and 3D programming. My friends Sami Sinjab and Mazen Al-refa'i presented me with the most important books. I translated two books from them into Arabic with help of a lot of people such as Mary Potros, Carmen Sinjab and Leena Al-hlaibi. I was reading using a tool for lifting books created by my friend Mahran Al-kordi. All of that still impractical until my uncle brought a computer for me. So, I started applying what I have learned.

My Relationships

At first, my relation with the outside world was limited to my friends who were visiting me constantly. Allah blessed me with a lot of friends from various ages and cultures. Most of them I met after the accident. They take care of me with love and don't withhold any hand. I mention of them in addition of whom I mentioned Fadi Jamoos who persisted in visiting me since he knew me, Fakhr Addeen To'ma, Moneer Sinjab, Rana, Warf, Abd Al-azeez Abu-qoba', Mazen, Emad, Mo'awia, Moaiad, Mo'tasim, Momin, Muhammad Al-refa'i, Hosain Al-ali, Eesa Othman, Muhammad, Hamed and Taofeek Assohli.

I still locked at home until my friends took me in 1995 summer to the house of my friend Hasan Al-kordi in At-tal in the country of Damascus for ten days. Since then, my friends keep tooking me in summers until my friend Hasan traveled for studding. Now I spend summer with my family in there home in At-tal in the country of Damascus.

My relation with the outside world developed after I got an Internet connection with help from my cousin Mo'awia Al-refa'i. So, I gained friends around the hole globe. Many of them saw me via photos only. This site has become a great mean of communication with the others.


At Home working

My Job

By help of my friends Dr. Naseem Rateeb and Eng. Osama Al-masri, I have been working at Tiger Production since September 1999. It's the programming affiliate of Young Future, an entertaining and educational media company for kids, It's affiliated by Venus for media production and SpaceToon Space Channel. I have many contributions with Tiger Production. I have gained a lot of experiences and friends during my work. I mention Engineers Samir Hanbali, Samir Salmah, Ahmad Al-'os and Moder Naqshbandi.

My Communication Means

Because of my handicapping, I can't use keyboard nor mouse. I was communicating with the computer trough an employee who was applying what I instruct her. I mention Hana Mostafa and Dalal. I was seeing the results using a displaying screen placed beside me. My friend Eng. Eed Obaid tried to make an electronic mouse for me but his trial didn't succeed. Then my friend Dr. Naseem Rateeb made a mouse for me to use with my lower lip and my tongue. For the first time, I was able to communicate with the computer by myself. The mouse had been developed into several stages until it became in its current state with help from my brother-in-law No'man As-samman and my friend Fakhr Addeen To'ma.

Using my own virtual keyboard application, I was able to write using the mouse. I have used it to write this text.

With help from my friend Eng. Osama Al-masri and Young Future managers, I get a LCD displaying screen which is placed over my head by efforts from my friend Badr Ad-deen to'ma. It is much more comfortable than the old one.

My Health

My health situation is almost stable. A nurse takes care of me in the morning. My friend lawyer and physical therapist Ghassan Eesani does a daily physical therapy to me. I have been turned on my side every othor day for a few hours. I suffered from problems such as pressure sores (bed sores), I recovered from most of them except one on my back. With help from my cousin Dr. Mazen Sinjab and my friend Eng. Samir Salma I fixed my myopia using glasses. My friend Dr. Thafer Al-refa'i checkups on my tooths and treats them. I got a severe aerothorax which caused atelectasis and ectopia in the left lung and heart to the right side. I have been cured from aerothorax completely by help from my friend Dr. Khalid Mahmood thanks Allah. Dr. Mahir Al-hlaibi treats me medically when I get sick. My friend Eng. Ahmad Ghassooli maintains the ventilator system every year.


Over view of me at home


Praise be to Allah in the beginning and in the end and forever. Thank him for everything and for (the most significant) my life, my mind and being a Muslim. But if you count the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number them.

Thank my mother (Allah have mercy on her), who gave birth to me, raised me, educated me well and took care of me before and after the accident. Allah grant her forgiveness and put her in your vast paradises.

Thank my father (Allah prolong his life) and his wife, for what he gave and still of a great money and effort since my youth till now. Allah aid them and provide them with good health.

Thank my sisters Kholood and Maisoon, who concerned and still on taking care of me at the time when they needed to be taking care of. Allah grant success to both of them.

Thank all my uncles, aunts, cousins and relatives.

Thank all my friends and all who loved and helped me.


At the end, I address a greeting for every one in suffering. Praying for right guidance, happiness and well end for him. Prompting him to keep hard working. Life does not end with affliction as long as there is a sane mind, a faithful heart, a praising tongue, a sincere friend and a hope for mercy of Allah. Praise be to Allah, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds.

Praise to Allah who saved him to learn how to be believers






Written by: M . Lujain Al-Zin